Make your payments smarter, not harder

Save time and money processing one-off or recurring transactions safely with Macropay's comprehensive payment solution and its team of experts.

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Learn how this payment orchestrator platform helps you optimize your business

Smart payment routing and live simulator

Optimize sales traffic safe from fraud with integrated PSP partners.

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Real-time payment monitoring and alerts

Oversee how your payment strategy performs.

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Transaction recovery and upselling features

Avoid paying fees and increase profits without risk.

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Specialized Recurring Payment module

Streamline and effortlessly manage your payment collection for any recurring business model.

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360° risk control and dispute chargeback management

Save time and effort in chargeback disputes.

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Customized checkout experience

Design a  payment form with your business needs.

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Boost your payment processing from 0 to 100

Get full control of your operation

Manage your business's one-off and recurring payments with smart routing, simulations, and payment alerts of your processing.

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Chargeback dispute management

Save time and increase revenue with Macropay's groundbreaking chargeback manager and dispute letter templates.

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Increase your business approval ratio

Using Macropay’s rerouting technology, you will never miss a sale again.

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Boost your business

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    Get to know what makes Macropay different

    Smart Routing & Simulator

    With the transaction rerouting and simulator, you will get the highest conversion rate with less effort.

    The simulator shows how the smart routing system balances the flow of transactions.

    See for yourself how Macropay will help you grow your business!


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