Chargeback management

Chargeback management has never been so easy!

Handle fraud the smart way. Learn how Macropay can help you improve your dispute-win ratio.

Dispute your chargebacks fast and easy

Macropay automatically creates templates for each case with all the information needed for your disputes, like payer details, e-commerce site, and transaction specifications. Download them to dispute your chargebacks more easily while meeting regulatory deadlines.

The chargeback manager also lets you designate different cases to any of your teammates according to their specialties or availability, update their status, and prioritize their importance according to their defense potential or the transaction amount.

Get our experts behind your chargeback management strategy

Let the Macropay team take care of your chargebacks

Chargebacks are on the rise in all industries. That is why counting on a payment and risk partner that will help you maximize your business potential should be a priority.

With Macropay's team of experts, you will never have to worry about handling disputes again. They will take care of every single one from end to end.

They will review all cases, control their expiration dates, prepare and present all dispute paperwork, and keep you posted on all the results. All this with the guarantee that your dispute ratio will improve.

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