Real-time monitoring

Real-time payments and risk monitoring

Macropay lets you track how your payment strategy evolves in real time!

Follow the most critical indicators for your business and make the best decisions in your next moves.

All data available on demand

All your KPIs in one place

Get an overall view of the evolution of your payment and risk strategy with Macropay’s interactive charts and graphics.

Know what and when your next business decision will take place, and make your job easier by searching, filtering, or applying date periods to the most relevant indicators like processed volume, approval rate, chargeback rate, sales uplift, and many others.

Get ahead by knowing what to do next

Receive alerts and take action

Macropay lets you look out for your business's crucial metrics and make better decisions by setting customizable notifications and limits over your whole transaction processing.

Know when and how to respond to different scenarios with alerts sent directly to your email when close to reaching the sales or chargeback limits established for different PSPs and brands.

Macropay mail alerts visible on a computer

Complete data of every transaction

All processing data is available anytime

Whether you work with single payments or subscription models, with Macropay, you can review your risk and processing data under one platform.

Export all the transaction data in a single report and study how the fallback system performed, all reported false positive transaction declines and other relevant insights for further analysis.

You can also rely on Macropay's team of experts to help you get a better understanding of your metrics performance. They will be available to work with you, giving you tailored reviews to help you gain a better perspective on your business growth and sales strategy.


Audit all changes made to your account

All changes are recorded and visible to everyone

Macropay documents and compares all the changes and actions performed in your business account.

Everyone will see all the adjustments made within the platform so you and your teammates can work as a specialized unit.

Macropay audit section screenshot

Boost your business

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