Smart routing

Smart payment routing for your business!

Establish a strategy that maximizes profits and achieves your KPI goals with our Intelligent payment routing.

8% more sales

Smart and customizable payment routing

Create routes by dragging and dropping primary or secondary PSPs MIDs and customize them with multiple variables like currency, card brand, country, BIN Bank, 3DS verification, and sale domain to channel your transactions and boost your business to a new level!

It doesn’t matter if your business has a one-off or a recurring payment system. Macropay adapts to your needs. You can choose between our selected local PSPs around the world and pick the ones that perform better for a particular type of transaction. It will help you reduce your fees and improve your approval ratio.

The balancer will optimally redirect your transactions across different routes configured for each PSP according to the priority and other variables assigned.

woman showing Macropay on a computer

Customize according to your business needs

Simple, easy, and intuitive simulator

It will help you see your sales traffic distribution, experiment with different payment strategies, and make better decisions. The best part: you can start using it without a technical team to help you deploy it!

Simulate a sale order using variables like country, card brand, BIN bank, or domain to see how it will affect your traffic distribution between existing routes.

Use it to handle sales volume, save costs by avoiding needless fees, and increase your profits while managing them efficiently.

Macropay simulation order

Get more sales with less effort

Recover lost transactions

Macropay avoids unnecessary payment attempts and fees by detecting service outages early, false positives, or other business challenges that will harm your transaction processing.

When it identifies this type of occurrence, the fallback system redirects those transactions to secondary payment providers. This way, you will grow your profits stably and securely.

Macropay routes creation

Boost your business

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